Who Said You Cannot Be Chic and Stylish With Nerd Glasses?! Get Inspired...

There have have been a lot of controversies about this nerd glasses issue and it's funny how unthinkable items have become the go-to in every ladies wardrobe now.

If you were anything like me in secondary school, you may have been a little jealous when your best friend is using a recommended glasses and you aren't. In those days, it felt like the most brilliant students wore glasses why the dull peeps (like me *lool*) didn't, so my jealousy at that time was on 100 degree I must say.

Several years after, when fashionable sunnies became trendy, those who wore nerdy recommended glasses no longer ruled the world lool!! And to prove this, I got every color of sunnies for virtually all my outfits *grins*.

So you can imagine how shocked I was, when nerdy glasses started hitting the spotlight again. The look is becoming so popular in the fashion world that it comes as no surprise that more and more people are purposely dressing like nerds too.

The four-eyed fashion trend has fast become a style staple and the amazing thing is that, it can really spice up ones look and add that extra touch to an outfit. Big names like the Hadid sisters, Kylie Jenner and even our man crush, David Beckham wear the geek glasses so stylishly, you'll want to yank it right off their faces.

You can also be fashionable and cute in nerd glasses; as long as you wear them well and your outfit and accessories are on point, then am sure you could be alright with it.

Here are a few tips to take note of to unleash your inner nerd stylishly:

▶️ Like any pair of glasses, nerd glasses come in different shapes, colours and sizes. Try on as many as you like; search high and low for that perfect pair. Vintage, retro or modern, any of these will work.

▶️ One of the most efficient ways to pull off your nerd look is to make it a signature part of your style. Therefore, you’ll need to wear your nerd glasses often. You’ll need to make them an element of your overall style.

▶️ Another thing to consider is the colour, sometimes the best option is to have multiple options! And keep the boring black for everyday business and a brighter hued pair for days you want to mix it up. The styles also should be put to proper consideration to fit the various outing you are going for, you might say it does not really matter.... trust me it does.

▶️ Remember, nerd glasses look best with nerd outfits – or perhaps contrasted against another distinctive style. So, team your nerd glasses with buttoned up shirts, high neck jumpers, bold coloured blazers or patterned t-shirts.

▶️ For the nerdy divas:

  • When you wear your nerd glasses, stick to the rule that less is more when applying your make-up. Dramatic eye make-up only works with rimless glasses. So if you’re wearing thick-rimmed glasses, keep your make-up simple. Thick eyebrows also complement the look. If you’re game, add some pencil to your eyebrows to create fullness.
  • Cropped hairstyles, messy bun or high pony work well, but if your hair is long, pull it away from your face or give your hair some extra volume to balance out the frames.

  • If you are feeling adventurous, the cat-eye frame with a bright coloured rim is very high fashion so you can pull it off with your collared shirts.
  • Nerd glasses go well with anything high waist: high waist jeans, shorts and skirts. This is the perfect combination.

▶️ For the nerdy dudes:

  • For men, one of the most popular styles is Ray-Ban Wayfarer-style glasses. These frames are fun and flattering. They are versatile and can be worn with many different outfits. This type of frame is bold and black and will suit almost anyone.
  • Whichever style of nerd glasses your choose, whether it is Clark Kent-style or half-frame nerd glasses, a great way to wear them is with buttoned up shirts, V-neck t-shirts, striped jumpers, jeans and jackets. Nerd glasses also go well with a dressy shirt, vest and tie or bow tie.

Lastly, all you need after putting these tips into consideration is your CONFIDENCE!!!. Putting your confidence into play while rocking nerd glasses or any other outfit or clothes accessories would make you stand out.

Here are some ideas to get inspired by:

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