Bumping In Style: Be Stylish And Comfortable

We will be starting a new category for pregnant and yet stylish ladies who have despite the tiredness and rigour of the day try to look awesome and breathtaking. Excited much?!!!

This post will mark our first post on the bumping journey of beautiful women around the world and also be about inspiring and appreciating them. So I have never been pregnant before, but I want to imagine how hard, irritating and uncomfortable it usually is.

Irritated I have been, uncomfortable and not in the mood for things I have also been and using how I usually feel when that happens to understand our bumping stylistas - I do nothing but *bow* in respect.

Gone are the days when being pregnant is an excuse to look shabby by going months with your hair undone, dressing like *I will not say it* and looking horrible generally. This days from photoshoot, to baby shower and just playing dress up generally is what keeps us amazed and excited about how gorgeous and chic one can look when bumping.

We will be using ChiChi popularly known as Chicama style as our style focus for this week. When the style icon and blogger announced with pictures via her instagram page about her being pregnant, it was pure joy and expectancy for her style game and like expected she has and is not disappointing us.

From stripes to ruffles to jackets, Chichi has shown us how we can go from simple look to high street glam in no time. View photos below for more inspiration;

Bumping In Style: Be Stylish And Comfortable Bumping In Style: Be Stylish And Comfortable Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on October 27, 2017 Rating: 5

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