Lookbook Series: There Is Unity In Fashion: Africana Couture Calls For National Unity Through Gashion Editorial

October 03, 2017

In a time where Nigeria's division is being negotiated, Abuja based clothing brand - Africana Couture has as a brand used this medium to represent a unified Nigeria by using its three piece traditional attire for the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria ... The Wa - Zo - Bia ( Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo)

A minority from Edo state in the name of Efosa Efex Iyamu who happens to be the model for this collection has been able to fit into each of the ethnic groups, so is every Nigerian known for his/her diversity.

This collection symbolises a clarion call to all citizens, sons and daughters of the mother land (Nigeria) that our unity isn't negotiable. Fashion is unity or rather there's unity in fashion.

Photographed by @wizchibzy_
Styled by @africanacouture
Modelled by Efosa Efex Iyamu

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