Week Inspiration: Learn To Have Fun Again

Ever gone through something so bad like a terrible decision or a mistake and because of that you have gotten so withdrawn which has inevitably led you to keeping to yourself and even being anti social? Or perhaps it is for some other reason you have become this way!

You should know first of all that you can't be perfect and that no one is perfect so whatever reason that might have made you pull out of society, friends, family and any loved ones - is and should not be strong enough to do that to you.

Forgive you, if it helps talk about it with someone you trust or better still vent it in a piece of paper and when you are done - you can either flush or throw it in a trash can, but whatever it is; you have to let go and live for you because hey! Its YOLO babe.

Get into the fun track back, visit or hangout with friends, take yourself out, visit the gym or mall, watch cartoons, go to a party, do something that is called fun and have lots of fun while having fun.

Have fun 💞
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