Work Outfit Idea: A Look Into The Elegant Yet Chic And Fun Style Of #AwedbyMoni

October 02, 2017

Atlanta based fashion and personal style blogger - Monica Awe Etuk is our style focus for this week's work outfit ideas. Yes! i know it's a public holiday for us today which if I might add is the best thing ever, but these is for us for the remainder of this week.

I want as always for us to always look stunning, slayish and gorgeous to the office and let the commendation and complements keep rolling because of how amazing you look.

Today we will be looking into the elegant yet chic and fun way of dressing to the office with Monica as our style inspiration. She not only dress so elegantly, but the way she balances her looks up with a touch of simple and toned down accessories is what we are loving most with her.

As it will ne seen below, you can look everybit as elegant without having to over do or over dress when heading over to the office. All that is required of you is balance, if you want to play it safe then go with neautral or toned down colours and you can also play around subtley with colours if you are up for it.

Here are few of her style photos for inspiration;

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