A Quick Guide To Dressing In An Androgynous Style

Some of us already dress the part without really knowing it, we sometimes confuse the style with dressing tomboy ish but it's not. The androgynous look is one that ignores gender barriers by embracing both feminine and masculine qualities. 

Some might want to experiment with their style and decide to switch up looks, either permanently or temporarily but fear not because this style might just be right for you. In other not to complicate or confuse you guys further I will be putting forth short simple tips on how to get the androgynous look with ease. 

• first things first always remember to go with free and loose clothing. Don't put on something that show off's your curve, you should rather be doing the opposite like boyfriend jean, oversize shirt, mostly boat necked top, wear masculine fabric generally.
• wear neutrals. Your clothing should not go beyond grey, white or black if you want to get that real androgynous look - but you can add subtle colours if you must.

• your makeup also should be neutral. If possible also, use your contour to get a masculine effect.
• your footwear should either be an oxford, sneakers/canvas for that masculine touch
• for your other accessories, rock a portfolio bag, leather belt if you must, base ball or newsboy hat, and big masculine wrist watch.

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