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It's hard to believe tho, but I've been creating Outfit formulas since 2010 when I had my first solid phone and of course, with the keen zeal to explore all I need to know about fashion and style.

My inquisitiveness made me stumble on new and vast knowledge that has helped me over the years. So it's funny when someone ask me - Quickly teach me how to do this your outfit creation thing naa? Like hello, it took me years to master!

After being asked by a lot of people, I've decided to write about a few basics that has made compiling my outfits easy for me. This formula I’m about to share with you is one of my trending works on Polyvore because it's classified into different style preferences to suit our separate lifestyles.

Let’s break it down!. When creating an outfit, always make sure it consist of three main pieces: basic piece, which is something solid and simple and an everyday staple. The second piece is an interest piece, which includes something with color, pattern, texture and/or shine.

The third piece is the completer piece, which finishes the look and pulls everything together. A jacket or blazer are the typical go-to completers, but your belt, necklaces and even accessories fall in this category as well as they help pull ones look together.

So here, my Basic Piece is this Ted Baker Pleated Midi Skirt:

Ted Baker Pleated Midi Skirt

There really isn’t much to it, except that it's a versatile piece and I love the color. The silhouette is simple and non complicated, but it works because it has all the pieces that pull everything together.

Now for my first creation which I titled the 'Modern Girl' defines my go-to work style and it also represents the normal day-to-day work look of every Stylista looking to add some modern yet stylish flair to her look.

Boss chic

Here the D&C Bow-tie shirt forms my interest piece because the intricate yet subtle bow details makes the look outstanding. My completer pieces (which includes, Christian Louboutin black shoes, Givenchy Women's Antigona Small Duffel Bag, Rhinestone earrings, Rosendahl leather watch) were left simple yet complementing to the whole look.

My second creation was inspired by the super stylish lady who loves to add a bit of playful and girly feel to her everyday look. I'm sure we now know our Basic piece (the Ted Baker pleated skirt).


Hence, my interest piece is this Alice Olivia embroidered lace top and our completer pieces includes - the Zanotti Stiletto heel sandals, velvet embroidered handbag, lip earrings and a dainty bracelet to pull the look together.

The third and also my favorite creation features a lot of Ankara prints mix (which is the more reason why I love it).

In the mix

Here, our interest piece which is the Ankara kiss top was completed with similar Ankara pumps, Gucci handbag and complementing accessories.

I also love the fourth outfit creation cos it was incorporated from my style. As a minimalist person, I love to be comfortable every time and that includes my choice of outfits (especially for casual outings).

So yes! Our interest piece is this "StylishlyDone" T-shirt from my recent collection and the completer pieces are of course the Fedora hat, leather backpack, floral embroidered vans and accessories to match.

The last look which I titled 'the head turner' features edgy details for the uptown party lover. This creation was a last minute addition and one that I've come to admire as well. I love the fact that I infused a bit of color play which gave the look an edgy vibe.


Here our interest piece is the cage brallete and our secondary completer piece is this smoking black blazer. The primary ones include the Gucci purse, black heeled sandals, and drop earrings.

So what's your take guys, I hope with this practical tip, you'll be able to know how to create a complete outfit that can also be useful as you plan your everyday look.

Let me know, which is your favorite look and which outfit defines your style? Share your comments below guys! xoxo
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