Keep Blazing with Your Blazers

A blazer or a suit jacket is a versatile item of clothing which you can wear from casual to formal occasions. It is a must-have clothing item regardless of the season and location.

If it’s your first time to buy one, then consider the dark navy blue fabric. Your second color choice would need to be dark charcoal tone. These colors are flexible.

They can be worn in different occasions. In terms of fabrics, choose wool. Wool is a durable choice and it will give you comfort and warmth.

Now let me give you a few genius tips you need to know to choosing the right blazers that will work perfectly for you and get the attention of people wherever you walk into..

First, let's talk about choosing the styles! The most important factor in choosing the style is the “fit”. You need to pick a style that fits your body well. The sleeves of your blazer should be half an inch shorter than your dress shirts and it should leave some room for your dress shirts cuffs to show.

Your suit jacket also needs to have good-sized vents. There are two types of vents, single center (back side) and double vents which are located at the side seam. If you are slim, single center vents would be better for you.

If you have a big built, then choose double vents for more comfort. “Lapels” or the flaps around the chest are another item of style. Medium-sized lapels are the safest choice.

Choosing between single or double-breasted jackets depends on your built and height. If you are tall and lanky, double breasted jackets are recommended.

The horizontal position of the buttons will create an illusion of width and would complement your body style. If you are big and short, buy a jacket with more than 2 vertical buttons to create an illusion of length.

“Dressing well” means wearing the right clothes at the right situation. If you have to attend a semi-formal afternoon meeting, you can pair your navy blue jacket with a khaki or white pair of pants, tie and dress shirt.

If you have to attend a formal corporate meeting, you can wear your jacket with matching pants of the same color, contrasting dress shirt color and complementary tie. Formal occasions also demand polished, leather shoes.

For a casual dinner date, you can wear your jacket with dark jeans, dress shirt. You don’t have to wear a tie.

In summary, picking the right blazer means being smart about the price, the fit, the style and the occasion. I hope this helped? Don't fail to add your comments below.
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