Style Guide For Short Men: 6 Tricks To Help You Look Taller

Short men have always had a hard plight than their taller fellows when it comes to getting the beautiful girls, picking the right tux for a cocktail dinner and so on. And then there are those studies that say that tall men are perceived as more powerful and better leaders, are more desirable to women, and make more money.

Hmmn! Although in the past, I used to follow this absurd school of thought till I finally realized your height doesn't have anything to do with your lifestyle and achievements, it's the way you view yourself that's more paramount.

Just because you aren’t six feet tall doesn’t automatically condemn you to looking like an awkward clumsy round ball! With the right clothing and accessories, you too can appear taller, it’s all about style choices.

Looking taller is all about getting viewers’ eyes to travel smoothly up your body. It’s pure illusion: the more their eyes have to sweep upward, the taller their brains will register whatever they’re looking at.

That means that a shorter man too can lengthen his silhouette to look taller. Get his appearance right and present himself like a million bucks. Here are 6 tips to make you look taller;

1. Monochromatic Color Themes

Removing contrasting color from your appearance helps streamline the way you look. Keeping all your clothes within a fairly consistent color theme, especially a dark one, will create an illusion of height. Doing the opposite cuts you in half and you sure don’t want that. Try to minimise contrast specifically between the top and bottom halves of your body. Try to do darker colours toward the bottom half of your body, this helps keep grab the attention downwards before traveling upwards.

2. Wear Vertically-Oriented Patterns

Most people have heard that vertical stripes are “slimming” and horizontal stripes are “widening.” That’s just a simplification of the same visual effect we’ve already been talking about (where people’s eyes go when they look at you). Rocking vertical stripes are one of the best ways to add an impression of height as they help accentuate your physique. Wearing horizontal lines can prove very unflattering, making you appear wider and much shorter.

3. Wear Close Fitting Clothing

A loose fit on a short man actually emphasizes his petite frame, making him look sloppy, and it signals that he’s too small to find clothing that fits him right. Don’t let your own clothing send this message to the world. When going for pants, you should take into consideration the length, there should be no visible form of the folds of excess at the ankle, totally unforgivable. Wearing clothes than fit make you look slim and elongates your figure as well, making you look taller in turn.

4. Wear Attention Grabbing Details Up High

You can keep attention moving up from your feet toward your head by weighting the brightest details at the top of your body. A pocket square or a brightly-colored tie help guide the eye’s motion upward. Just be careful of adding too much clutter all at once. A bright lapel pin on its own is helpful–worn at the same time as a patterned tie and a pocket square.

5. Accessories Should Be Proportionate To Your Build

Thin guys with thin wrists shouldn’t burden their wrist with an oversized/huge watch with bulky strap, doing the opposite makes your hand look weak. So rule is a smaller, thin guy, should wear small, thin accessories so it looks natural and fits properly. This cuts across accessories in general, neck ties and all.

6. Low Rise Pants Are A No No

Low rise pants can be trendy, but hey fashion is about what works for you, so if you’re on the shorter side, you might want to scratch that look. Avoid wearing low rise pants that sit down on your hips because it makes your legs look shorter. Wearing pants on your hips sort of lowers the perceived waistline and that’s not the look you should be going for. Wear pants higher up on your waist (high rise jeans) they make your legs look longer.

Finally, keep your look natural. By this I mean you have to be comfortable in your clothing – wear IT, don’t let it wear YOU. Although the importance of embracing one’s self cannot be overemphasized, how you present yourself also matters a lot too, so know who you are and have fun expressing that individuality with your personal style. Give your appearance the desired boost it deserves.
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