Trend Alert: Going Blonde, Not Just Blonde But Platinum

If you have been looking closely, you must have noticed the new hair colour trend in town and this just might be right for the holidays coming up soon. Black is cool and a classic but this platinum blonde look is the bomb right now.

The platinum blonde is seriously making wave right now, from celebrities, influencers and non celebrities alike and what I can say is 'i'm definitely gonna try it on wig since that's the colour I have on with my natural hair now - and let me tell you; it's super duper cool'.

Celebs like Tiwa has proven that you do not have to be light skin before you can pull this look off, all it entails is a little bit of swag and sauce and babes you are done.

But don't worry much though the hair colour itself will definitely give you that feeling and you are going to be able to rock it like a star, it's like a spirit that screams "slay" all day.

For those who might want to try it but think it will be too loud for you, never mind too much - you can go with the Nicki Minaj's style of making the top black or even the tip, depending all on you and you can either dye or use hair chalk to achieve this look.

So will you try it out? Are you ready to risk a new look? Perhaps dye your natural hair or on weave for the holidays?!!!

Trend Alert: Going Blonde, Not Just Blonde But Platinum Trend Alert: Going Blonde, Not Just Blonde But Platinum Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on November 05, 2017 Rating: 5

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