Unusual Creative Makeup: Halloween Makeup

It's no news again that makeup has evolved from basic looking good to outstanding works of art. Every day, makeup artists come up with fantastic creations and designs that wow the public.

It's Halloween season in Europe and America and as expected, makeup artists are coming up with insane makeup art in keeping with its its yearly theme of monsters, ghosts, creeps and ghouls.

Check out some of the most fantastic Halloween-theme makeup currently trending, trust this brings out the ghoul in you!!

Disappearing face illusion by @mimles
When you feel yourself falling apart.. Makeup by @mimles
Not all witches are scary..but then again... 
Taking the term "crystal skull" to a whole other level!

Colourful crystal half-skull
Monsters do really exist!! 
Whoops!! Somebody lost a couple of fingers
Isn't this colourful?
Hope you liked some of them, could you recreate these? Why not let us see!! Follow us on Instagram @stylehubdaily for more trends and unusual tips.
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