Week Inspiration : Know When To Be Silent

Silence they say is golden, some also say it is the best answer for a fool. Let me tell you here though that you being silent in most or some cases does not make you a fool.

Yes! There are many factors when you must be silent, sometimes it does more good than harm when you listen instead - infact that is a strong weapon for going into mouth war. Listen instead.

You can decide to remain quite no matter how a situation may be, you can decide to remain quite and not mouth off all your life plan and future endeavour, no matter how interesting your story maybe - keep it to yourself and instead let people read about it in Forbes or people magazine.

It is not every time you have to want to prove that you are right in an argument or you know history better than someone else, some times you knowing what you know is just enough.

Acknowledge with greeting who you must, argue for or against something you are passionate about but not going over the edge because sometimes people you are conversing or arguing with want to believe what they want to, there is just no convincing them otherwise.

Divulge your future plans to God Or your most trusted confidant without going on an announcing spree, inform who you have to without insult or talking much but with intelligence, keep shut and observe things more.

Let your expression do the talking some times for you, or your attitude but save your mouth for things more productive rather than destructive.

Know when to keep shut, learn and train your self on how to get there 💞
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