Week Inspiration: Remain Consistent In All Things

I feel like this is one of the key things in life. When dealing with humans that is, or dealing with business or anything you might find yourself in - be consistent with it, remain focused on it and continue to push it.

I realised one day that the reason I have the assurance that come rain come shine, the Akara woman that sells on Sunday will definitely be there is because she has remained consistent and I have learnt to trust that she will always be there.

Consistency breeds trust if you must know, and it also builds up your credibility as a person or brand, and makes people to trust, believe and vouch for you or your brand all because of your consistency.

Almost the world population make use of induction, that is - they infer to things by saying because he was here today then he will be there tomorrow, but once you start to fail in being consistent then you cannot be held credible for anything.

Be consistent in all things💞
Week Inspiration: Remain Consistent In All Things Week Inspiration: Remain Consistent In All Things Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on November 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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