Adekunle Gold Is All Golden And Regal At The #ONSWAG Concert

With the many concert going on in the country by some of our favourite musicians, it is not only thrilling and exciting hearing them perform on stage to some of our best songs of the year - but it is also amazing and exhilarating when you sight a well dressed host.

On this note, the topic of conversation is no other than our very own Adekunle Gold. When we thought that we are just about done with the style stopping image of wizkid in his sparkling Gucci top, Adekunle stopped us cold at that thought with his four different regal, traditional and dapper look.

For his #onswag (one night stand with Adekunle Gold) concert which by the way was remarkably done started with him introducing us to a gold embroidered jacket with a matching gold cap which oozed off nothing short of regal/royalty

Just when we thought *ohhhh that's super cool* he came in with a yellow fringe jacket which was all dramatic and stylish, and then before getting over the second look - he stunned us with a suave James bond look of white tux which by the way I don't blame Simi for blushing all over .

With all the three mind blowing outfit thrown our way, there was no predicting what next outfit was going to come through except for we all to just sit in anticipation - and i must say, it was not disappointing at all.

With not knowing what to expect anymore from Adekunle's closet, he shut the whole place down with his last look which was an agbada and its not just an agbada o but an agbada with a different kind of style. The agbada was embroidered with gold detailing which gave off a classic and regal finish

What's your thoughts on his four different looks, did he kill it?!!!

Adekunle Gold Is All Golden And Regal At The #ONSWAG Concert Adekunle Gold Is All Golden And Regal At The #ONSWAG Concert Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on December 29, 2017 Rating: 5

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