Get a Casual-Chic Street Style This Season with Nancy Isime

If you’re a tee-and-jeans type of girl but you feel you need to refresh your style a bit especially this season? Never mind, you can actually wear your basic pieces by getting casual yet attractively stylish on your street style.

Nancy Isime is an Actress, TV host and stuck-on fashion diva known for her chic style with a mix of casual, urban, and modern touches that might inspire your casual looks this season.

Whether you wish to wear your denim jacket, jeans, tees and sneaks on a daily basis, you can still make a comfortable style chic by learning some tricks from Nancy. Keep reading below to learn her casual-chic style tricks:

Team your casual piece with a relaxed yet streamlined ensemble.

If you used to wear leggings, joggers, and tees all the time, it might be difficult for you to opt for chic dresses. So, think of more streamlined pieces that you can wear instead of your non-stylish tee and sporty ensembles.

Like Nancy, you may go for a logo tee that will look casual-chic with your shorts, denim and skinnies, especially when styled with loafers.

Wear your casual outfits in a sexy way.

If you wish to look chic and sexy on your casual outfits, dare to wear them creatively.

Like Nancy, forget your jeans when wearing a button-down shirt as long as it covers your rear well, and instead team them with a pair of sneaks.

Or, go sexy by opting for conservative cuts and necklines as long as hugs your frame, therefore, revealing your sexy curves effortlessly. Nude colored tees, leggings, and shorts can be a means to show off your sexy vibe without revealing your skin since it gives the impression of a bare skin without looking overdone.

Add some flair to your style with pastel colors and playful prints.

Going for pastel colors and playful prints will make a difference even if you wear casual basics on your casual weekend.

Like Nancy, get a casual-chic statement with a classic botton-down shirt teamed with breezy pastel nude pants. Or, simply trade your casual basics with a breezy pastel dress or muted Ankara prints that will look casual-chic with your sneaks and nude shoes.

Channel your laidback personality with denim jackets and complementing ensembles.

Think of adding some variant to your style by topping your outfits with a classic denim jacket like Nancy does.

To complete your casual-chic statement, resort to a pair of white sneakers that will look perfect with a denim jacket.

Keep everything chic and feminine.

A casual-chic style may mean differently for every woman. If you have a classic fashion personality, casual-chic may mean wearing a dress made from a casual fabric or featured in a casual print.

Whichever look you go for, just make sure that you dress always in what you are comfortable in and what brings out the best in you.

By heeding these tricks from Nancy's style, you’ll be able to make your casual-chic style fashion-forward yet effortless.
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