Week Inspiration: It Is Time!!! Make The Boss Move

We are all hustling adults, trying to make a way for our selves in this ever chaotic world - some are comfortable just waiting around for the opportunity to come by while some are going for it with all drive and pursuit for success.

My first question to you this morning is, which category do you fall under?!!! Is it the bad ass chic making the boss move or the comfortable one - cause I tell you the bad ass chic will be the most successful! So get your self up and start making the right moves to achieving success if you ain't in that league yet.

It is easier said than done, it is scary AF, you most definitely might fail more than five times, it will be hard, stressful, tiresome and even depressing - but remember that it is through these little bumps that your success story will be born.

Be positive with your thought, give good vibes always, make the bold move, take the boss step - it might be difficult but that is why it is called the BOSS step, you have got to be your own CEO and stop waiting or depending on someone else.

You are stronger than you think, make that move now💞
Week Inspiration: It Is Time!!! Make The Boss Move Week Inspiration: It Is Time!!! Make The Boss Move Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on December 04, 2017 Rating: 5

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