10 Predicted "HIT" Fashion Trends For 2018

Last year was a whirlwind to say the least. In terms of fashion, 2017 brought in interesting trends, both old and new. We were met with throwbacks that incited us to dig through our mum's wardrobe in hopes of rediscovering combat shoes, fanny packs and our secondary school berrets.

This year is already showing us signs of a major storm in fashion and I'm sure you can't wait to see what 2018 has in store already. Luckily, we get to have a sneak peek of the coming trends for this year. Check out below:

Lavender Fields

Ultra Violet may be Pantone’s Color of the Year, but that won’t stop us from sporting this calming color. Expect everything lavender to take over the runways and the streets. Lavender makes a great pop of color for neutral looks, too.

Fashion x Art

This year is going to be a good year for the gals out there who love fashion and have an eye for the arts because these two worlds are coming together. Yes, you can now wear art (maybe even your favorite piece, let’s keep our eyes peeled)!


Indeed, berets tend to have a certain sleekness to them; a symbolic cliché if there ever was one. Although we might have hated it at some point while growing up, but it seems this slouchy little hat is making a play for the fashion crowd.

Sheer Socks

2017 was all about the fishnet sock, and a lot of fashion girls were obsessed with it. Aside from the edgier yet also more sophisticated look, sheer socks tend to give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette which is why it is highly favored and now, it looks like sheer socks are getting the attention they deserve.

Return of The Fanny Pack

One of the most controversial fashion accessories to ever hit the runway, the streets, and the stores is back! Yes, everyone from Kendall to Rihanna and even Bella Hadid is wearing the fanny pack and it’ll only take so much time until everyone catches on so brb, buying myself one ASAP.

Massive Earrings

People are obsessing over oversize hoops, structured metal earrings, and giant tassels, so expect to see them everywhere this year.


Slit skirts are the obvious choice, but this year people are also into tunics and midi dresses with slits, as well as pants that show slivers of skin. Most of us are feeling the classic "side slit" so it's time to take the risk and get yourself a slitted pair this year.

Long Layers

Layering will always be a thing we do, but for 2018, we predict a massive influx of long layers. Think: Below-the-knee sweaters, jackets, kimonos, and coats.

Embellished Shoes

Glitzy footwear will likely be everywhere this year; specifically shoes embellished with studs, pearls, and bold buckles.

Wide Legs

It seems we're ready to give slim cuts a break till maybe 2020, and embrace wide-legged bottoms and crops for the next few seasons.

Now tell us; Which trend will you likely be rocking most this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below...
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