Fashion Designers are not Tailors!

I have always thought fashion designers were tailors, even though some are but they are entirely two separate worlds on their own. Well, I am not only the guilty one here as many people also mistake a fashion designer as a tailor.

Just see it like this - If a tailor is a mason, then a fashion designer is an architect. A tailor cuts, repairs, joins and does everything practically on the cloth using tools like scissors, sewing machines, and the regular equipments.

While, a fashion designer is not like that. He may or may not take any scissors in his hand but he works in designing the clothes.

A tailor follows a fixed pattern to do the same traditional work for decades. Nothing new is done except in few cases. He directly takes the measurements and works on the design given by the customer. Innovation is mostly absent.

A fashion designer needs planning. He needs to think more and work less. Paperwork is more than the physical work.

If you’re a fashion designer and you commit a mistake, it is okay and it becomes a fashion plus artistic piece. If you’re a tailor and you commit a mistake, God bless you!

A fashion designer and tailor (@ceo_bstitches_bespoke) said, a tailor is a person who makes, repairs, and alters clothing professionally. While, a fashion designer is a professional who applies the rules of design and aesthatics to a particular product, majorly apparel and accessories.

How true is this?

A fashion designer probably may have never stitched a single garment in his/her life.

Comparing the two would be like comparing a road side mechanic to a mechanical engineer or comparing your local electrician to an electrical electronics engineer.

I hope this post was well informative? Don't forget to share your thoughts about this with us.
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