Sade Akinosho Has Scored More Than A "Hat" Trick With Us

From fedora, trilby, beret, stetson, boater/ panama (straw hat) to peaked cap - style influencer Sade Akinosho has shown us more than a few times that she is the boss at hatting. It is not all the time you get to see your favourite style guru douche in a hat much less do it every time and slay at it.

It is no news that hats are intimidating for a lot of us, the fear of how not to look foolish and overly dressed up or dramatic when rocked is more than the boldness sometimes to try it on, but you should know that the major problem with hatting is choosing the right shape, size and proportion - after this has been solved which by the way can be solved quickly by trying out a few of them, you are most definitely free to slay.

Hats have a suave way of instantly finishing off an outfit with little or no effort made sometimes like Sade is showing us. They are versatile, functional and appropriate in any season, which is why we have many different styles to see us through our attire.

It is often nice when you have a signature style hat which in Sade's case is a wide brimmed hat or fedora and its roots are timeless and exquisite. Although this daring stylista is not scared to try on other different styles of hat which she slayed by the way but she will be teaching us in a way how to rock them.

The wide brimmed/ fedora
As stated above, this are timeless piece of accessories that immediately transforms your look from basic to boss chic and as stated also above, all you need to take into considerations which is also important is the right brim, width and crown that will flatter your face.

How to style
Do not worry overly much, you will know which one suits you after you have tried different sizes. Like Sade you can choose to rock it with formal wear like suites or go casual with a pair of tight fitted jean. If you feel you can take the risk then you can style it with girly cloths and colours like ruffles and pink.

Beret is a French style which by the way happen to be trending in the country right now, this piece of accessory is a bit risky if you do not pair right - but the two basic way not to look horrible in it is for you to avoid pairing it with stripe if you do not want to look too French or like the mimers and secondly is for you to style it in an adult way so you do not look like a secondary school girl.

How to style
You can pair it with girly attire like dress, skirts, pant trousers and even suits 

Boater/ panama (straw hat) 
Panama hat which is done in a straw like way is a traditional headpiece from Panama. There is nothing much to say about this elegant and beautiful piece other than for you to style it properly.

How to style
It is to be styled with colourful and summer outfit for that cool and easy breezy slay like how Sade did, it makes outfit appear light and kind of cheerful.

Newboy hat 
This piece of accessories which can also be called baker boy or fisherman's hat was worn back in the day in England by news paper boys before the establishment of mobile apps where most of us now get our news from. This piece of accessories with its retro vibe has transcended through time to fit into every bit of our fashion attire.

How to style
It fits almost every face shape and can be worn with every attire from skirts to jeans but a bit of heels like the stilettos or thigh high boots also add extra sass to the look.

The wide brimmed/ fedora hat


Boater/ Panama hat

Newsboy/ fisherman hat

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