Shoerack Series: The Rules For Wearing Driving Moccassins

Driving mocs were made for their name precisely - for driving. These great slip-on, cousins to the Italian loafers give your feet a good grip on the clutches and save your other shoes from being worn away by the clutch grids, apart from the obviously making driving more comfortable. 

They come in Suede and leather, and also a variety of colors. They're best left in your car, to be slipped on and worn when you're heading somewhere less formal after work.

Though drivers are a casual shoe you shouldn’t wear with dress trousers or suits, they cover quite a bit of ground. They can be worn with or without socks and can smartly dress up shorts and a t-shirt as much as they can lend some Continental flair to chinos and a blazer.

Here's are rules on how to style the driving mocs right:

Keep them spiffy.
Your investment in these shoes is gonna be a constant. Don't forget that they're doing their job of taking the damage for other shoes, so they will wear out faster. Don't expect them to last for two years.

Style them properly

Try to wear them during the day, especially if they’re a light or non-standard color like red or light blue. They are best paired with: Shorts and fitted tees or polos, Jeans and tees, polos, or button-downs, Chinos with tees, polos, and button downs.

Keep them casual.

They were never made for formal or professional events. Hence, they shouldn’t be worn with dress trousers and certainly not with suits or evening wear. They’re just too casual for these scenarios. With that said, rules were meant to be broken, and we’re sure that someone who has a lot of style could find a way to make the pairing work.

Skip the socks

This isn't a set-in-stone thing, but we're partial to driving shoes worn without socks. The flash of ankle will add to the casual vibe the shoes provide, making you feel like a guy who's never had to deal with a 9-to-5.
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