StyleHub Daily Artist Review: The Exceptional Work of Victoria Udondian

Nigeria has a long history of visual arts stemming from many ethnic groups, each with its own traditions. In the years leading up to and after independence, Nigerian artists rebelled against British colonization by incorporating African elements into their work.

This cultural awareness in Nigerian art was only heightened in the 1980's after a war when artists experimented with ways to incorporate traditional symbols into their work. This set the stage for the contemporary art scene in Nigeria.

The country’s growing wealth is fueling the contemporary art scene in the form of investors, grants, patrons, and buyers to drive a flourishing trade. Wealthy Nigerians are scrambling to buy up work from local artists.

Today we are going to be looking into the life and art of one of such contemporary artist; Victoria Udondian.

Victoria Udondian Lives and work in Lagos and New York. Before studying art, Udondian trained as a tailor and fashion designer. Her work is driven by her interest in textiles and the potential for clothing to shape identity, informed by the histories and tacit meanings embedded in everyday materials.

Drawing from her experiences growing up in Nigeria, she engages with West African textiles and repurposed Western material to investigate how fundamental changes in fabric can affect one’s perception of his or her identity, and ultimately a nation’s psyche.

Udondian received an MFA from Columbia University in New York City and attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Maine, United state in 2016. She received a BA in painting at the University of Uyo, Nigeria in 2004 and won, Most Outstanding Production Award at the National Arts Competition in Lagos, 2013.

Some of Her Work 

Attitude Project 
Second -hand museum 

Aso ikele (1948)

Her works have been exhibited internationally in Nigerian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennial-An Excerpt, New York; Fisher Landau Centre for the Arts, New York; Historic Columbia Museum site, Columbia, South Carolina, US; Rush Gallery, New York; Flux Art fair, New York; Judith Charles Gallery, New York; Art 14 London Art Fair; Whitworth Gallery in Manchester and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Lagos. Artist Residencies include Fine Arts Work Centre, Provincetown, US; Villa Straulli, Winthethur, Switzerland; Islinton Mill, Salford, Manchester; Fondazione di Venezie, Venice, Italy; Bagfactory Artist Studios, Johanesburg, South Africa.

Here is her 2017 mums Buttom Box Hollandis;

I hope you enjoyed this edition? Join us again for another adition of StyleHub Daily Artist Review, remain blessed **wink**
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