Trend Alert: Top 4 Trend Of 2017 That Are Likely To Crossover To This New Year #2018

2017 is definitely over and we saw a lot of trendy styles from accessories to outfits to a whole trend movement that rocked the fashion world. Well, as 2017 went by, a few of the raving trends still powerfully stood the test of time and we won't be surprised if they make the top hits this new year.

For you all, we have predicted 4 top trend from 2017 that would be a major trend blower this year. These four trends have gotten a nod from celebrities, fashionistas and influencers alike. 

It was rocked all over the country and not just in Nigeria but all over the world, one trend in particular started a movement which ended the year with more people joining in. Curious as to what trend is on the list? Continue below; 

• 4 √  the FANNY PACK this little bit of accessory has been in the fashion scene for close to a decade and as we well know, fashion never really dies - it just fades away for awhile only to make an appearance in a whole new different way.

The fanny pack as it is popularly called or belted satchel as it is fashionably called has been around since the 90's and the only difference with this trend now is that it is not only rocked across the waist anymore, one can simply cross it over the body or any other way one deem fit.

And like every raging trend, it was given a nod when Olamide was spotted rocking it in his WÓ video and since then I must say, it has been all over the place in Nigeria - from both male and female alike and the amazing thing is one keep getting stunned by the level and way Nigerians rock this accessory.

You can practically wear it like a belt and also a bag, also rock it to a club, the beach, the cinema, hangout, in fact every where without having to go through the trouble of dragging your bag everywhere, and the super cool thing is, you continue to remain stylish and stay fab through out with ease.

• 3√ the BUBBLE/ BELL/ FLAIRED/ LAYERED SLEEVE: this particular style most definitely would have been rocked by one or two of you reading this post right now, and guess what - I do not think it is going out of fashion.

This very dramatic style has found a way into the many hearts of fashion lovers all over the country and people are not just about ready to let it go yet.

This little piece of detail brings drama and that bit of sophistication into an outfit and automatically gives a transformation to the entire look within the blink of an eye.

From edgy and dramatic fashion influencers like Sade Akinosho, Fashionably Idu, Chi chi and celebrities like Toke Makinwa giving a nod to this trend - it is no surprise that it took long to be rocked by almost any and every Nigerian woman either from ready made outfit or locally tailored ones.

•2 √ being guccified: well... Have you already been Guccified and by that I mean have you joined the Gucci gang yet? Because if you haven't, there is still time for you to do so.

I must confess though - I do not honestly know how this brand got into everyone's view, maybe it is due to the fact that many celebrities carried it and gave a nod to the trend in 2017 or it is that the brand made it easily and readily available in mass production but what I can confidently say is that it was a massive Gucci year and it still might be too.

Whether it is rocking the Dionysus GG supreme shoulder bag" and the "Sylvie leather shoulder bag which was first introduced to the fashion scene during the fall/winter 2015 collection under the creative direction of head accessories designer, Alessandro Michele and right now has been caught on almost all bag lovers hand or it is the pyjamas set - we have seen that "Gucci really is life."

•1 √ the BERET: this timeless fashion statement popularised by the French, although making a come back a bit late last year into the fashion scene has already started a wave of trend and celebrities like Tiwa Savage and Wizkid in "manya" video and beauty influencer Ronke Raji has already given a nod to it and I must say - I can't wait to see what Nigerians will do with it *excited*

The beret as you all know isn't new in town, it has been since the 1920's and it seem to be rearing its head back into the fashion scene in a magnificent way.

Some of us wore it during our secondary school days with little or no thought giving to the fact that we were being highly fashionable and stylish then.

Now that we know, it is definitely advised for you all to go get your beret game on because it is likely going to be on fire this year and just like how not constraining fashion is, feel free to style your beret anyhow you see fit but remember to be fashionable always with it.

Options for wearing the beret include set back on the head (halo style), flat on the head (pancake style), pulled down covering the ears (winter version), dipping diagonally to one side (fashion style), or pulling over the eyes for sleeping (oversized practical type).

Bell/bubble/flared/layered sleeve

Fanny pack



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