Week Inspiration: Have Self Love

I never really understood what self love meant until i decided to go for it, and through it i have discovered it is all about valuing your self, about yourself, about giving yourself more credit and opportunities, about forgiveness, about finding yourself that is who you really are.

Self love is about a lot of positive things and ways you want others to treat and see you only that it is about you seeing and treating you right. You see some ladies and it makes you wonder where they get all that sauce and confidence from, well I am here to break it to you - it is their awareness of their self worth.

When I begin to talk about myself and what I feel some people will start to say feminist, but that is the problem I am not and I do not have to be but because a lot of people do not understand yet what this self love really is - they then confuse it with feminism.

Because of not truly understanding what self love and worthiness really is a whole lot of ladies are out there looking for it from others, well it is time to come back to you.

Think long and hard, do you want to demand respect or you prefer for it to come naturally, do you need to fight for love or you want that also to come naturally, do you want to struggle for everything pertaining to you rather than it coming to you on its on terms because i can tell you with all confidence that all you need is to start loving you more and you will attract what you believe you deserve.


Accept loving yourself and celebrate urself because no one else will do that for you and there isn't anyone that can do it better than yourself 💞
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