Week Inspiration: Hit The Ground Running

First off, I want to congratulate every one of us this new year - 'Congratulations, you made it'!!! I know some of you will say new year resolutions are a cliché and all but whatever it isin't actually, know that it is a fresh start, a new beginning so take advantage of this new opportunity and take charge from now.

Don't wait till tomorrow, don't wait for the right time because the right time is now, don't wait to plan because sometimes all it takes is just to begin without thinking and overly planning, don't take your time because there really isn't any, do not get discouraged about so many people doing what you already want to because the sky is big enough for everyone.

Take that bold step, put in more work, do your thing with no thoughts as to what people think, don't think about the criticism and if there are any - take it as constructive criticism and get better from there.

Make silent move but make the loudest announcement, this year is yours people - take control of it, harness the opportunities that come your way, get up right now and make your dreams come through because you alone have the power to do that.

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