Week Inspiration: Learn The Act Of Compromise

We really do forget to do this little but difficult thing and that is to compromise, you might not be aware of this but at certain point in our lives we have to give way for something's even though it isn't what we want or who we are.

There are compromises in relationships, marriages, jobs, friendships and whatever way we find we might need it, but the main fact is we should also not forget or mistake compromise for stupidity.

Compromising us when you have to give way for something or someone when there is a headlock - it will make you in most cases uncomfortable and irritated but it is not when you allow someone take you for a fool.

Sure enough when compromising most times, you will feel stupid and foolish but in the end you will get your reward for it and that is peace, success and smooth sail in things you do but again don't be stupid for no reason - don't worry you will know when you are doing it wrong.

Learn to compromise 💞
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