Best Of Titilola Sogunro’s (#Titispassion) Most Stylish Looks

Anyone who loves fashion knows who Titilola Sogunro of Titispassion is. She’s one of the best dressed and unique fashion influencer out there who also has made a statement with the way she creatively pairs her outfit to the last detail.

She’s a prominent Fashionista on Instagram and has got one of the best street style portfolio’s we’ve ever seen.

We always hear about keeping it simple and laidback when we want something that's foolproof and stylish but the pros who play in the fashion big league know better.

To prove this to you, here are some of the most gorgeous looks we’ve seen on Titilola Sogunro that we are sure would inspire your personal style:

▶️ Simply alluring – Who would’ve thought something this simple would look so good? Not to mention, the combination of two different beautiful pieces in one look is indeed a surprising one. If you’re into minimalist looks that aren’t boring, this one is a must try.

▶️ All-nude hotness – A lot of people reserve their all-nude looks for special occasions but not Titispassion. She maintains a classy yet fresh look in her head-to-toe nude ensemble which she livenes up atimes with colorful accessories including amazing tassel accessories, and fun details. 

▶️ Winter statement – Winter is usually the most boring season for a lot of fashionistas, but girls like Titi know that it’s actually one of the best times to get dressed and make a statement. With room for much layers, statement looks like these are definitely one that we’d be glad to see and even wear.

▶️ Playfully Romantic –Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and these are the best ways to incorporate romance to your everyday style. Best for your formal events and also playfully romantic looks that’s perfect for date nights.

▶️ Mad for Metallic – Not everyone can embrace the metallic trend and rock it like they mean business but a fashion influencer like Titispassion knows exactly what to do. Check out these gorgeous looks where she masterfully mixed metallic into the whole ensemble effortlessly.

▶️ Pleats and Golden – Another really cute trend that not everyone knows how to style perfectly is mixing color and metallic pleats. Anything bright anywhere is good, but many fear that wearing this trend might leave them with a tacky look. If you’re interested in rocking gold × pleats, though, here’s Titi's looks to take inspiration from.

▶️ Colour/Pattern play – If there’s one thing Titi knows how to do, it’s to take anything bland and boring and turn it into something intensely interesting. Here are some of the most exciting color mix looks we’ve seen from her.

Best Of Titilola Sogunro’s (#Titispassion) Most Stylish Looks Best Of Titilola Sogunro’s (#Titispassion) Most Stylish Looks Reviewed by Ibitoye Tolulope on February 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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