Blinged-Up Nails!!

Nails these days, have evolved into fashion statement pieces all on their own. Forget the days when only clothes and jewelry designers could showcase their creativity in crazy, insane way.

Nail artists and nail techs the world over are slowly changing the face of nails from just something to polish-and-go to something to display their raw talent and creativity.

Nail Bling was first used on fashion runways to complement fashion pieces. Nowadays, ladies wear bling on their nails for the uniqueness of design, to complement or show off a piece of jewelry or simply to give out that vibe of being daring and bold!

From simple nail bling to the more outrageous bling designs, these nails crafted continue to wow and surprise anyone who sees them.

Just check out some of the bold and daring nail bling designs below, being created for our sheer enjoyment!

elie saab runway holo bling nails
simple bling nails

bling nicely complementing the rings

can never go wrong with gold
Even toes are not left out in the bling-up revolution!

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