Do You Know Your Eyelashes Can Be As Long As The Fake Ones? Keep Reading To Find Out!


Did you know your eyelashes can actually grow up to the length of the fake ones? For real! Many women invest in fake eyelashes and buy lash accelerator mascaras just to make their eyelashes appear longer and thicker.

While these cosmetic products may give you that gorgeous look, they tend to do more harm than good in the long run. Constantly gluing on fake eyelashes may cause your natural lashes to thin out.

What’s even worse is wearing fake eyelashes regularly for long stretches of time can cause bacteria to build up between the eyelash glue and fake lash. This may lead to serious eye infections that can give rise to vision problems.

Applying tons of mascara daily, on the other hand, can sometimes damage your eyelashes and cause them to fall out in clumps.

Besides, your natural eyelashes are much more beautiful than fake ones anytime! So why not just skip all that trouble and go for the real thing?

And guess what? Growing the real ones are actually cheaper! Yes you heard right, you did! Moreover you get quick results - you start seeing the difference overnight! You may be thinking: "Now what could these magic methods be?" Keep reading to find out.

There are so many remedies out there - and all are easy to apply, so we'll look at two of them. The first is our ever greasy friend, Vaseline.

Vaseline offers you an easy, cheap, and quick way of increasing the length and thickness of your lashes. The best way to make use of Vaseline is by swiping a little of it onto your eyelashes every night before bed.

This enables the Vaseline to work it's magic overnight and helping you to achieve faster results.

But the effects of Vaseline can be tripled when combined with another ingredient: Egg white.

Eggs contain biotin and vitamin B, both of which improve the texture of hair. Eggs are also high in protein, which is known for its hair strengthening and lengthening benefits. Now using egg whites in addition to Vaseline will boost the effects the would give if used alone.

Here's how to use this awesome combo:

  • Crack the raw egg into a bowl.
  • Make sure you only take the egg white into the bowl. You can achieve this by cracking a small hole and letting the egg-white liquid leak into the bowl, instead of cracking the whole egg open.
  • Add one Tsp of Vaseline into it.
  • Don't mix the Vaseline and egg white - just dip it and let it sink into the egg white.
  • Now take a small amount of this coated Vaseline with a mascara brush or your fingers.
  • Apply onto your eyelashes (you can use your fingers or a fine eyelash brush/comb to do so).
  • If you're using your fingers, use your index finger and thumb to take a small amount of Vaseline and draw on the lashes by grabbing them, if possible one by one.
  • If it's your mascara brush you're using, gently brush your eyelashes using slow upward strokes from the root of the lashes to the tips.
  • Do this for about 5 minutes twice daily until you’ve achieved your desired results.
  • Leave it on overnight and wash off the next morning.

You'll see results that'll leave your mouth open. Try it today and make sure you drop your testimony tomorrow lol.

Enjoy your new lashes!
Do You Know Your Eyelashes Can Be As Long As The Fake Ones? Keep Reading To Find Out! Do You Know Your Eyelashes Can Be As Long As The Fake Ones? Keep Reading To Find Out! Reviewed by subomi balogun on February 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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