Men Style: What To Pack For The Weekend Getaway

Packing for the weekend can be sort of a pain in the butt experience, because you want to keep your luggage compact and portable, yet you must have everything you need to get you through the weekend in there. So you go a-stuffing:

Put this.
Put that.
Put them. And when you think you're finally done, you spot your favorite sneakers in the corner looking up at you with puppy eyes.

"Awwwn! How can I go without you?" So they go in too and you end up with a bag as big as the taxi you're boarding to the airport.

Guys, we don't need that! All that fussing is for the ladies; leave it for them. The key to keeping it compact and complete is:


Here are the basic things that can go into your suitcase:

1. Blazer

The beautiful thing about a blazer is that the right one will go well for all occasions, from business meetings to cocktail parties.

2. Oxford shirt

Choose neutral colors like blue, black, white.

3. V-Neck Sweatshirt

4. Jeans

5. Chinos

6. Socks

Take two pairs: white athletic socks and black ones.

7. A couple of Tee-shirts

8. Driving mocs/Boat shoes, and a matching belt

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9. Athletic shoes
10. A baseball cap

11. Swim shorts

You can wear them to the pool, at the beach, to the gym, go jogging with them.

12. And of course, underwear

It's as simple as that. You can put a touch of you into it by choosing your favorite colors wherever it won't ruin the outfit, and also color hues that go with anything like the color of your t-shirt or sneakers.

Think of the variety these carefully selected items will give you. The different possible combinations are just numerous, affording you to be both dressy and casual. Now you can go confident in your ability to be flow seamlessly through different events and outings.

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