Week Inspiration: Dream It! Achieve It

The sky they say is the limit to what you can achieve, some also say it is big enough to fit everybody and their dreams and in that I agree. You can achieve and attain your dreams and goals so long as you work hard, pray constantly and be consistent.

I heard someone say, if Rihanna was too scared to try going into the cosmetic business because so many others were already in it then she would not be richer and her products would not have sold out like it did. 

So there for try, try hard and try harder again, do not be scared of starting cause others have and they are doing the same thing. Create your own lane, go at your own pace, do not compete with others except your self, be driven to do and be better and the limit to success for you will incomprehensible.

Remember birds don't just fly, they fall down and get back up so do the same. Don't give up, don't give in till you reach the end and then start again. Try everything, try it even though you could fail and get back up when you do.

Remember also that you dreamt it for a reason and that reason is to achieve it. Your dreams also are never too big, they are perfect. so go get it head on 💞
Week Inspiration: Dream It! Achieve It Week Inspiration: Dream It! Achieve It Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on February 27, 2018 Rating: 5

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