What To Carry in Your Bag For a Quick Weekend Getaway

Staying stylish while away from your wardrobe can be difficult but it’s not impossible. I know packing is one of the most difficult things to do when going on a weekend trip because 1) you can only bring limited clothes and accessories and 2) it’s really difficult to choose especially when you have to many beautiful outfits.

To help you pack effortlessly for your weekend getaways, keep reading for some tips and ideas on what to carry in your carry-on bag.

▶️ 3 TO 5 TOPS – Depending on where you’re heading, 3 to 5 tops should be enough to keep you comfy and cute.

Since we are still in the hot season, pick out tops that are light and flowy and include one heavier piece like a jacket or a cardigan for layering and for late night looks.

▶️ A PAIR OF JEANS/Bottoms – If you’re already wearing a fresh pair of jeans, you can skip this one and pack something else since a single pair of jeans would be enough for a 2-day getaway.

To substitute this, you can pack a pair of shorts or a skirt instead, depending on your style and the activities you have planned out for your weekend trip.

▶️ JEWELRY – If you’re planning on bringing a few couple pieces of jewelry, especially special and expensive ones, make sure to bring them with you in your carryon.

They won’t take up much space anyway and they’ll be safer, too.

▶️ 1 PAIR OF SHOES – When choosing a pair of shoes to bring, I always like to pack the lighter pair and wear the heavier/bulkier pair.

If I need heels and flats, I’ll wear my heels to the airport and pack my flats since they occupy less space.

▶️ A DRESS – Even if you’re not the type of girl to wear dresses all the time, bring at least one dress. You never know when you’ll need a nice dress while on a weekend vacay.

It could be for a nice dinner or maybe one for church, in case you plan on going to church while on vacation.

▶️ A PURSE – Choose a purse that’s not too big or bulky. One that can hold up your everyday essentials like your cash, phone, keys and cards should be ideal.

Pick one in either a neutral color or a really bright and bold statement color that will go well with the outfits you’ve planned out.
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