Week Inspiration : Support Others

It really doesn't mean you will be less successful or that you will be unable to attain your goals, it simply means you are a well grounded human being and adult who does not see every and anything as a threat.

Competition with others is good because it creates room to do better so do not hate but competition with self is much more better because with that you learn to grow, love, value, and cherish yourself and also people and situations around you more so compete with yourself more.

Do not see others who do the same thing with you as threats rather see them and their journey as inspiration from which you can learn from, see it and let it motivate and JumpStart your growth game.

Always remember you can and have the ability to create your own lane and move at your own pace, the sky really is big for everyone to fit in without hate or anger or greed. Do not in any way try to tear another down with your mouth or actions, let people grow and help them like you also want it to be done to you.

Support and not tear down 💞
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