There Is No One Better To Learn From "The Art Of Monochrome And Oversized Trend" Than Sammy Jo Valentine

When the word monochrome is mentioned, it is often associated with white and black pieces combined together. It seem to be a boring combination when paired together for some, but if nothing more - the queen of white x black  Janelle Monae has shown us just how super chic and elegant rocking this trend can be.

Going over the regular white and black combination, dressing monochromatic does not necessarily have to be only white and black, it can also consist of pieces from one colour which is separate from white and black combination.

"Monochrome" means "one colour" which is an easy and often stylish way to wear outfit. Pairing of same colours in different shades is the excitement that comes with monochrome style and it instantly makes you look chic, luxurious and effortless.

This cool street style trend which can be pulled off during any season and occasion can easily be translated into an everyday lifestyle like Sammy Jo Valentine is doing.

Sammy Jo Valentine has mastered the art of 'monochromising' *permit my English* so much so that it leaves one drooling and in awe of how amazing and fresh she looks each time.

There is not much effort needed to trying out this trend as all it takes is;

1• for you to know your body type that compliments and highlight your curves and also              know the right shade that compliments your eyes, hair and skin tone.
2• add a pop of colour. It could either be your lipstick, footwear or any accessory.
3• for same colour but different shade, mix up the texture of each piece to make it more              interesting and lively rather than boring and moody
4• always remember to balance the colours up. The idea of monochrome apart from                    looking stylish is also to appear slimmer and taller. You can only achieve this if you play      around with light and dark shade of same colour, so as to get the right proportion
5• try out patterns and prints, don't only stick with solid colours

Most of you already have this colours and prints in your closet, so try them out because it also helps with your style. You can combine denim x chiffon, suede x silk and even leather x cotton together.

For beginners who choose to start small, you can begin with the all black and all white look. When you feel up for it, you can then go on to other subtle but deep rich colours like burgundy, brown, green and so on. Also remember to add a pop of colour to your monochrome look.

Look below at some of Sammy Jo Valentine's monochrome look for more inspiration;

All black look

All white look

All red look

Prints, patterns and stripe

All brown look

Instagram page ------ @sammyjovalentine
There Is No One Better To Learn From "The Art Of Monochrome And Oversized Trend" Than Sammy Jo Valentine There Is No One Better To Learn From "The Art Of Monochrome And Oversized Trend" Than Sammy Jo Valentine Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on April 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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